Hardwood Floor Refinishing Fort Mill SC

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Fort Mill, SC

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Fort Mill SCHardwood floors can add timeless beauty and elegance to any home, but after years of wear, they may lose their luster. The good thing about hardwood floors is that even if they become dirty, marred, scratched, or shabby, you do not have to replace them. They can be restored by refinishing them to a whole new look. A hardwood floor refinishing Fort Mill SC company can refinish your hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost of having new ones installed.

Refinishing hardwood floors involves sanding to remove the old finish, dusting, and smoothing out the rough patches and scratches. Then the finish is applied to protect the floor. A floor finish is a form of liquid chemical directly applied to the surface of the floor. These chemicals are commonly safe and do not cause any allergic reactions. The Hardwood Giant Co. offers a variety of finishes including sealants, stains, polyurethane finish, moisture cure, and water based finishes.

Refinishing your floor can be an opportunity to revitalize and customize its appearance. Hardwood floor refinishing services can personalize the look of your home at a fraction of the cost of a custom hardwood floor installation. You can have your hardwood floors antiqued, dyed, and stained. The Hardwood Giant Co. also offers other refinishing options like bleaching, aniline dye coloration, oil stains, and pickling.

At The Hardwood Giant Co., all lines of finish are introduced at the retail level. Both waterborne level and professional level refinishing materials are available at affordable rates. Traditional finishes are modified to bring quality and durability to floors. You can restore your hardwood floor to a new and pleasant look without spending a huge amount of money. Waterborne coating can match the professional coating qualities. If you are looking for the most effective and affordable hardwood floor refinishing Fort Mill SC company, choose the services of The Hardwood Giant Co. Contact us for your installation or refinishing questions.